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Thanks to the listings in the Marketplace, we guarantee you new ad sales on your site(s) or/and new traffic resources for your business, depending on what you are looking for. What's special about the Marketplace is that you don't have to do anything more than post your deal here. There is a huge mass of webmasters ready to
buy your ads on your site / sell their ads on their websites.

Our mission is to make this section one wonderful place for both of the groups - Ad buyers and sellers. The only catch in this marketplace? We don't let everyone in. You need to read the FAQs. All traders here must respect each other and make business correctly. We curate the inventory by hand (moderate and observing), ensuring that advertisers / publishers will get the best deals here, without any problems.

Our marketplace is giving you the chance to sell / buy:

  • Links
  • Banners
  • PRs
  • Articles / posts
  • Video ads
  • Background ads
  • Interactive ads
You are a site owner and want to sell ads in your site? Marketplace allows you to publish your offer and get advertisers to pay you for your ads on your site / portal / social channel and etc. You have the right to write and post your proposal here - CPM/CPC/CPA based banner ads, sponsor posts, PRs, inline keyword ads, video ads, email ads, static text link ads and more. Make sure you write your offer in great details as well as leave the advertisers an option to reach you - PM, mail, phone, skype, social profile, other messenger, and etc.

You have product or/and service you want to advertise?

Now you can advertise directly on web sites and purchase advertising from those sites directly, without paying a damm fee. All you need to do it to contact the person you want to buy ads from and start advertising. Webmasters here offer different ad spots, that will meet all of your criterias. Buying targeted traffic is just few clicks away. You can even buy an ad space that is not an option or is not given in the offer of the webmaster.

We strongly recommend before you do business with anyone, please check the person (iTrade, reputation, posts and etc.). Also, use the report button if you think that the person is breaking the rules of the forum or harming the marketplace in some ways. Thanks for your time and good luck.
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От: Access to Thousands of Quality Advertisers and Publishers

Hi Blinky,

Great topics and great people, here :) Considering our limited access, can you please, recommend reliable publishers / links.

We are an advertiser, looking for transparent partnership, mostly on a CPA basis.

Thank you in advance!


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THis is the place where you can reach and touch the world of online opportunities. Thanks , Blinky for giving so many people a lot of opportunities. In my humble opinion , this forum should have 10 times more visitors monthly. You should also cover countries from outside of Bulgaria .
Thanks for all and keep up the good work :):):)