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Hello friends,

Please suggest me which tool is best for website designing. Please help me to choose a best tool for designing.

As long as I know web designing is the process of design a structure of website which should be effective as well as attractive. If you want to design your website more attractive then you have to use reliable software for that like you can use dreamweaver or photoshop which are the best designing tools for website designing. Designing is way to attract visitors toward business site and keep stay on site for a long time to provide complete information and stuff. There are lots of different style, graphics, way, design, temples and tags. Content should be simple and wrote in brief manner.

Many designers around me use Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, which is the best web location development software/tool accessible today, according to them. If you are a expert web designer looking for a fast submission device to design world wide web sites. mockingbird is a magnificently helpful tool, which permits you conceive mockups of websites in minutes. easily drag and fall client interface components into mockingbird, rearranging and resizing as you go to conceive a perfectly balanced page.

Here are top ten website designing software programs in the following that help you a lot in website design. Also recommended by people dealing with that
CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer, Serif WebPlus, Web Easy Professional, NetObjects Fusion, Evrsoft First Page, HTML-Kit Tools, AceHTML 6 Pro, UltraEdit, TopStyle, BestAddress HTML Editor.

I want to know your personal opinion.

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For me, if you have necessary skills is not matter what software you use for the implementation of your ideas. Ofcourse you can`t use Paint, but ... think understand what I want to tell.
For my project, I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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A simple code editor is the best web design tool these days. My current favourite is Sublime Text. Because CSS is all you need to achieve flat, responsive design.

Photoshop or any other graphics package is needed for creating custom icons, for instance. But I wouldn't go as far as drawing an entire website layout - that approach is so 2008.

Disclaimer: I'm not familiar with the current state of Dreamweaver, so I can't comment on that.


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I use this tools:
- Inkscape - for wireframe, vectors, design, icons, sketches
- Silkypix - for RAW photos
- Gimp and Photoshop - for raster images
- SublimeText (v.2 - for Windows, v.3 for Linux) and Notepad++ - for coding. Both editors have very useful plugins for fast typing - Emmet (Zen Coding), Shell exec etc.
- Compass and Sass - for fast CSS3 style-making
- Zurb Foundation and Boostrap frameworks - for resposive designs
- Blender 3D - for small 3D images - figures, texts, abstract images


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Dreamweaver? Is it still preferred software for building up websites? I thought that was left in the dust. :) Will see what is now.

When I was starting with HTML, my favourite was 1st Page. :)

It's not in the dust, but it's not for designing.


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Dreamweaver (and other visual editors) is only good for beginner designers. At the end it generated piece of trash code. The sites generated with It is buggy and you will spend days to repair code and make compatible and responsive. Dreamweaver not teach the designer good coding practices.