Buyer Basics - How To Invest My Money Properly

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Are you looking to buy an online resources and invest money in your internet business? Well, you are on the right place to do that. Before you go, you should read this in order to get the best deals and keep investing in our market here.

By reading our Buyer's Guide, you can be sure that you haven't do the things wrong and your process with buying stuff from here will be a process that you would love to to in future. Also, please read our terms and conditions here:

How you can buy from Marketplace.

Before you buy a web site, articles, ad space, design and other stuff, you need to get a little bit more familiar with the service or the stock, that is given by the seller. Do don make the mistake to ask or post comment that are not relevant to the theme. That way your post could be edited or passed by the seller.

Buyers can offer lower price and the seller has the rights to reject or except it.

Offer a price if you really want to buy the resource / online property it is shared in the deal

Do not offer a price that you are not ready to pay. In other case this means that you ruining the work of the user, which we do not tolerate in the market. Be part of the deal, that you are interested in.

Buyer, beware!

It is not a secret to everyone that every market has its "smart guys" that will not there to make business. They are there so steal, lie, trick and to make their "big hit". Keep this in your mind, while doing business here. That does not happens often, but do not turn off your guard.

In that case, we strongly recommend to do your research and analyze the seller. To help you out with this, as yourself the questions:

  • Does the seller has positive iTrade?
  • Does the seller has positive (green) reputation in the forum?
  • Does the seller has successful deals in his history?
  • Does the information the seller give is detailed and what I want to see (in this case, you can ask him to provide you with more details about the service / resource / property he sells - in the theme or by sending you a private message)
  • Does the seller meet your personal criteria of making a deal?
  • Does the seller have positive feedback and who gave them?

By answering this questions, you can be calm enough while doing business with the seller. You can also use Google to look for the seller - searching by name, username, the resource he selles and etc. We regularly covers research tips and tactics, that you can use when you invest your money online. Here is a great place to learn new skills.

You can also use as a third part if your this deal but have doubts. Look deeper at the seller’s feedback rating for information on their previous transactions.

Start a communication with the seller.

Start communicating with the seller before buying or get a little bit more deep in the deal, either by posting in the theme, sending private message on the forum or Skype chatting or a call. This could guarantee you the person is real, reliable and you can trust him a little bit more than usual. DOES NOT handle money or property transfer

The forum is a market place, not a guarantor of the deal. The site does not DOES NOT handle money or property transfer, so the deal is only between the buyer and the sellers. It is all on your own. As an online business forum, will promise you that we will ban every one who is not correct with the others, especially when it comes to selling, buying, trading services and products.

We are unable to help you with the transfer of money or online property between buyers and sellers.

Read what the seller provide

We strongly recommend to read really carefully the listing description of the deal, attachments (stats / screenshots and etc.) and comments below the seller's deal. If you still have any questions you want to ask, the seller should be able to answer them all of them promptly. It is his priority to finalize the deal fast, easy and successfully. This will record in his history as well.

You have the right to see full Verified Google Analytics and Verified AdSense statistics, or any other (Affiliate program account, Statcounter, hosting stats and etc.).

Investing is all about getting the right information by researching.

When you buy something in the Marketplace, make sure it is not soled or given somewhere else. For example, if your buy an article, make sure you use softwares or any other online tools ( to see it the content is stolen, already publishes and etc. Be well informed!

Use the report button

If your notice that something is wrong, please let us know. We will investigate, edit or delete (if it necessary), and in some really serious abuse - ban the user. As a business forum, we believe that make business should be clean, correct and profitable game for every part of the deal.
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