Cheap and real website traffic (targeted, USA and international)


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You want to buy real human visitors at low prices ? Than check this best traffic service on the web

Hello webmasters.

For everyone of you who need good, targeted and cheap webtraffic , there is a solution, that will help you deal with the problem.

Cheap website traffic for every1, starting from 1$ per 1 000 visitors.

* Details:

- Targeted traffic (more than 300 niches and 45 countries)

- Low prices (starting from 1$ per 1000 visits)

- Time frame option (you can receive your traffic in 1-60 days period)

- Real traffic (from human visitors, no bots, no scam)

- Permanent 24/7 statistics (you can aways track your visits)

- Boost your Alexa rank (make some trust on your website)

* Types of the traffic:

- Website traffic (USA, International or Geo Targeted)

- PopUnder traffic (USA, International or Geo Targeted)

- 18+ Adult traffic (USA, International or Geo Targeted)

- Mobile traffic (USA, UK, France)

- Expired domain traffic

- Alexa booster

- Email marketing


Q: Where the traffic comes from ?

A: Thanks to our network of websites and domain names, our company produces millions of targeted visitors every day. Our traffic is targeted by using websites and domain names in many niches which you can choose from. We deliver traffic from the sites that match the niche you select when ordering. We only use real traffic, we don't use any spam techniques, bots, or paid to click (PTC) traffic.

Q: The traffic is adsense safe ?

A: While all of our traffic types comply with adsense ToS, we do not recommend using our web traffic, expired traffic, and mobile traffic with adsense sites. Our pop-under traffic, alexa traffic, and adult traffic are adsense safe. Be cautious when you buy website traffic.

Q: How long should I wait untill get the traffic after my order ?

A: Afer your order is complete, the traffic will start in 12-36 hours top.

Q: Can I get some conversions ?

A: Some clients report our traffic converts, however, we have no control over a visitor’s behavior so cannot guarantee conversions. Many factors including niche, website quality, GEO target, etc determine if a visitor converts. Compared to keyword targeting, niche targeting is broader, but also much cheaper so a high conversion rate isn’t required to turn a profit, so buying traffic is a win-win situation.

Q: How can I track my visits ?

A: For every traffic purchase you will receive a free live stat c-panel, which will allow you to keep up with the progress of your campaign. You will get an email with the username and password for your c-panel after your campaign has been set up. The c-panel will also allow you to pause / unpause your traffic and change your delivery speed.

Q: Any refund policy ?

A: We guarantee to deliver all ordered visitors to websites that comply with our ToS. In the rare event we do not complete an order, you can choose to have us send more traffic until the order is filled or be refunded for the unsent traffic. Traffic delivery will be determined by our system and Google Analytics and other non-recommended analytic programs won’t be accepted for proof of order shortfall.

Q: What is your support level ?

A: We have a ticket system for ever registered client and we try to do our best for your issues and questions.

* About the company:

By buying traffic through us, we will guarantee that you get the best traffic purchase with only top level professionalism and integrity. This means that no spam techniques or black hat tricks will be used, or other dishonest means will be used to get you your web traffic. You order 100,000 targeted visitors from us, this means that you will get 100,000 website visitors coming to your site. The price is right for this top quality, website traffic. Ordering is quick and easy, and you will leave all the work to us.
* Customers reviews from BHW :

Started receiving traffic last night, converting well with AdSense. The control panel for the traffic is great and very useful, will definitely be buying again in the very near future!
Purchased the service a few times and I gotta say that this dude knows what he is doing. Great seller, quick responses and the traffic is TOP notch. Saw a few conversions and sales myself. I have had a lot of experience buying traffic with 0 conversions. This is the FIRST service I ordered where the traffic is actually legit with real human visitors. Thank you!
So far, I have used this service twice. Both times I was amazed with how quick and professional the team were. I am about to make my third purchase in a few hours for a larger traffic volume. The traffic has been great quality and I have been very happy with the service.
Just an update - After being happy enough with my own order, I placed an order for a client of mine for 25k UK based traffic - it's only been running a few days but I had a very happy client call me up saying he's noticed an increase in revenue through his site. He runs Adsense and a few affiliate based schemes and has noticed an increase in Adsense revenue, as well as some purchases through his affiliate schemes. Could be a coincidence of course, but I'm not complaining - a happy client for me, means I'm happy to come back to Typlo time and time again.
I recently purchased a 10k package, I must say these guys went far and beyond what was expected. I had a few issues on my end that stalled the process but they assisted me every step of the way to fix the problem. Great Service and prompt communication. definitely well worth the purchase.
* Customers reviews from Predpriemach users :

* I am very satisfied with the service. I am ordering for the 3rd time the Pop-Under traffic and everything is great. Thanks for sharing it with us, Rocksatedy!
* Why this service ?

* Real, human traffic
* A lot of satisfied customers
* Established and trusted service among the biggest IT forums
* Great support
* Low prices
* User friendly interface for easy and fast orders (3 click to order)
* Refund policy
* Everyone needs traffic
* Best ratio prices - quality on the web

* Free review ? SURE !

* You will get 5 000 free visits, if you write an article about the service and post it in your blog (PR1+ only)

* For more info, click on the link below.

***Click here for prices, info or purchase***

* Still hesitating to try this traffic service ? Subscrite to the threat for more future information, promotions or reviews

Note: This is only a review of the service. The service itself is offered by thir-party website. The link is an affiliate one
If you decide to use the service - all the questions, issues about your orders must be taken to the company that offers the service
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От: Cheap and real website traffic (targeted, USA and international)

From all the traffic services, those guys are most trusted. There are a lot of good reviews from satisfied clients in other big IT forums and that's why I chose them. I've tried 15 days 5K traffic (was a promotion )on my website and was good quality, around 60% bounce rate, also some blog comments and a lot of article views. I was tried international traffic.


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От: Cheap and real website traffic (targeted, USA and international)

have you ever tried that service - if so what says the results? I went over their pricing plans and seems the prices are slightly high for the plans of 10k and up. Also to improve CR when buying web traffic there is a need of a plan 20k and over monthly basic.


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Get a 100% FREE trial of our website traffic service in 2 steps !

1. Write an article of at least a few sentences about our website, anywhere on your website or blog. You can either write a single post about our service, or include us into an article which deals about a related subject (Web Marketing tips, website promotion, etc...). Please DO NOT copy/paste our website.

If you don't wish to write an article, please simply include a link back to on your website or blog (Pagerank 1 or above only).

2. You are now ready to apply for the trial! Simply fill the form below. The offer consists of a package of 5000 USA untargeted visitors spread over 30 days. All trials are processed within 72 hours.
Is it free for free when you add your first article and post it on the site. If so, I will try it that way as well. Also, why don't you ask for the free post and link to this thread? That way you will increase the traffic as well as sales. In case you didn't copy->paste the site content as they mentioned.

Does anyone ordered? If so, give us and review here. ;)


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От: Cheap and real website traffic (targeted, USA and international)

I've already used the review visits, as I mentoned on post above 5K visits for 15 days (the offer was promo and already is changed), got an aff blog, got 50+ clicks, but no opt-in so far, maybe the product was not so good, dunno. Today I decided to share it here, so I hope those who will try it eventually will be satisfied.

Note: If anyone will order, please write us a review after the service is complete :) Good luck


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От: Cheap and real website traffic (targeted, USA and international)

Well, several months ago there was a free option to test it if you make an review and post it on several forums, now its on the blog and dont know , but I suppose blog niche must be close to the service - IT, tech news, etc.


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I will add some interesting opinions from the BHW forum:

I've had sales from their traffic. It is real.
I'm experienced very high bounce rate when I used this traffic.
i bought from them twice and i can say "it doesn't work". i can also say its not 100% human clicks maybe it is click bots. its just my opinion no offense. thank you and muah muah..
Hope really works. Someone?


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От: Cheap and real website traffic (targeted, USA and international)

Yeap there are more than 70 pages of comments about the service. It's strange how established users apprive the traffic and some new ones deny it :) For sure the service is one of the most trusted, low priced and with good amount of good reviews among the traffic sellers. Everyone can at least try it, if need, its 10-12$ per 10 000 users.

Update: Customers reviews in the review are taken from BHW clients
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От: Cheap and real website traffic (targeted, USA and international)

I'm waiting soon Andrew to share his experience, so far he is pleased. Also there are more orders, but it depends to the users to share the quality of their traffic orders


I'm waiting soon Andrew to share his experience, so far he is pleased. Also there are more orders, but it depends to the users to share the quality of their traffic orders
Yeap, I want to know it as well. I believe that more orders will be made once the users share their experience with that service. ;)