Creative ways to earn quality links to your web site


I know you do not like the term link building, because all it came to your mind is search and analyzing the links you need in order to get high ranking in Google and other search engines. Well, here I will give some tips, that I red (from some days before. Writing it with my own word and my own vision. But one think you should notice here. What? I posted the link of the place I have red a material about link earning. Right? This means one think - the author that is a member of the forum here did his job perfectly. This is what you need to know when earning links - make your content interesting and attractive to your readers. They will do their job and share you - and now we are talking about link earning.

The given methods of getting links are often in the strategy of the advanced SEO experts and without a doubt they really work. If you want to get quality links to your site, read the advices below. The ideas are great in many ways, and the costs could be reduced to zero.

Grab a link from your clients, partners, vendors and etc.

I know it is a hard work to convince your partner, distributor and supplier to put a link on his site pointing to you, but after all you sell his products / services. Ask them in an appropriate way. In my practice it works. Why? You explain them that you are their partner and when you make more sales, they make more sales as well. This is when dropshipping, but you can refer it to affiliate too. I make more experience with affiliate programs and most of them that I was asking for a link - they give me. Both know that it is not much, but we are in the same team. Help me to help you.

Put them in a position to give you that link. They know is normal to ask them, you know it too. For example, see the Google AdSense Partner page - there are their certified partner. Which means it is a practice.

The same you can do if your a media site. If there someone gets news and information from you, ask him to give you a link. Not only mention the resource, this is must if you coping or quoting some sites.

Give free stuff, coupons, bonuses, discounts

For example - your are a hosting company. Trading free plans or discounts for a link is well-seen practice too. It's seen in a lot of niches. Other example is you are a writer and expert in the marketing field. You write article on a specific subject and the site owner will give you a link once you provide it and he publish it. What is the trade here - you've shared your knowledge with the readers of his site and he gave a link to your site. Well, That's a great deal.

So, basically it is not so free as it seems as well as it has no bonuses and discounts, if the deal is good for both sides. ;)

Recommendations from your partners, clients and people you have worked (still work) with

You know what I am writing about here. If you want a link from there, you first should make some satisfied clients and happy partners. No one will give a positive recommendation, if you haven't finished your work or just mess up everything. In my practice people do not make any efforts to give you a positive recommendation, even most of the times they want to write if for them, review it and share it, if it's OK. Anyway, this is also an option. After all, you need that link and noone can praise you better than yourself. :)

Some of the marketing experts will tell you that the perfect recommendation s the one given from business - people with online resource (web site / blog / community). I thing that this is not right at all. Recommendations must be given by eveyone. Those who do not have web site or blog probably have an account in some forum, social site, discussion board and etc. What? Do you think it won't be valuable either? I think it will be. Make sure you tell them, people forget such a things.

Done it many times for programs and sites. Really works.

Be a part of something non-commercial event, good cause

The logic here is - You must give to take back. I can give an example with well-built communities where you need to e a valuable member in order to as to share live links and materials with a link to you. You can do it once you join, but no one knows you and the rick to get negative opinions is huge.

The main focus here should be on causes like "Helping people with health problems" and etc. You can participate in such causes and you want believe what effectс will bring you, if you do it the right way. Such site will get a lot of social shares, links from other sites (because of the idea), and even offiline. So get involved in such causes.

Go offline and see what opportunities have there

Everyone has already noticed that newspapers and print releases are loosing positions. We are in the Era of digital and mobile communication, so you can see why this happens with them. Well, some of them have online newsrooms and recourses where you can get links from, if you ask them. But how? You can give an interview for example. I personally give from time to time, when I have something to say to the world (the readers of the newspaper). In return I want a back link. Nothing more, nothing less. :)

Also, see the good and not so expensive newspapers and magazines. Developing a brand (in some ways by posting ads there) could also help you in the SERPs. Google loves brands. ;)

Hope you like it and comment it. I haven't included the content, but your site / blog must have it, and the subject of the threat is not this, but want to mention it, in case there is some doubts that is not included, because it is not important. :)

Leave your comment, and let's talk about those methods and more.
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