EN-speaking users invasion


@Blinky How much english users we have for this moment?
Just did a new thread. Well, to tell you the true we have already around 50 en-speaking members. 3 of them have already posts. I believe that till the end of the year they will become more and more, and will start writing. Better than now. ;) Will keep you in touch, if you want. Most of the members are - US, UK, France, Sweden citizens. :)


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От: EN-speaking users invasion

It is a great idea to have new members here other than Bulgarian. I think a marketplace section for the EN members will be very profitable for both sides.

...and one more thing: It is really very obvious and recognizable that some of us are weak in English :) (don't take it personal, I include myself too). But in my point of view, we gotta check what we wrote and how we wrote it before we push the POST button cuz we are not native English speakers and it is kind of normal to make simple mistakes. This way everything will appear more professional to our future partners.


Today we have another member from China. :)

And yes, the marketplace will the one of the leading section here. All because:

- Bulgarian webmasters provides quality services on a reasonable prices;
- Bulgarian webmasters' work suits the pockets of the foreigners;
- En-speaking webmasters (not Bulgarian) could sell their sites here, because a lot of people would like to have developed EN site;
- En-speaking webmasters could trade easy and fast with us and other En-speaking webmasters here;
- The forum does not have any taxes, fees and what so ever for trading stock here;
- Sharing market experience and tendencies;
- Free zone for every entrepreneur.

There are much more benefits, but the main thing about the marketplace -it has to be huge and live. :) I believe, it is a matter of time to become.

The business must be profitable for both sides. There is no doubt about it. ;)

The poor English is not a reason to make stop communicating with the rest of the world. After all, the En section is a great place to improve it. :)


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That's why I am here. Share experience, also do business with the whole world. I have account in Digital Point, Warrior Forum, WebmasterWorld, and even in Submit Express (that is kind of dead), but I want to have access to as many as possible information and web resources. This what makes me come and join your community. I think that a lot of En-speaking users, like you call them, will follow my example. :) Good luck guys and see ya around. ;)


Yes, there is, but not we want. :) Hope that with the time will increase. ;) The new users come from this section, mostly from the thread there well-ranked in SEs. We will need more time - not only to increase the number of the threads and content, but also threads need to be well indexed in order to be well-ranked and bring traffic.

Once we increase the content volume, we can start market it more aggressive. ;) That's the plan.... :) So far.... :)


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