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Google launched its cloud service Drive just eleven months ago. Now the service has more than 120 users and keep increasing. That's why the technology company continue investing in the service in order to develop it more and more. Today, Google Drive announced that there are more functionalities connected to your personal Gmail.

One of the most interesting and main functions is the attaching files in Gmail. Before that users have to download and after that upload the files. In Gmail, there is a function that allows you to keep the files in Google's cloud service.

You also have the chance to see the files in a window, where you can select or search them. We can browse different king of files - from images to video, tables and even PDFs. We can not edit those files in that window. If we want to do this, we must go to Drive.

Google promised to develop Drive and make it better than now. From day one, the team has created more than 150 functions. Really great achievement.


Hope you have any opinions here. I am using Google Drive for more than 3 months and I am really happy with it. Use it in many ways. ;) Do you use it as well?


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To be honest I am very satisfied by this service.

I am a maniac about backup and security(based on bad experience), so I use a little trick:

I create a folder on my drive called for example "Backup". Then in this folder I put my Dropbox Folder. In my Dropbox Folder I put my Google Drive Folder. In Google Drive Folder I put my files.

Example: D:\Backup\Dropbox\Google Диск\~my-files~

In this way I have something like Double Backup. When I run both Google Drive and Dropbox Desktop applications, they begin to synchronize all content from my "Backup" folder with my account on their server.


Same here. :) The directory is al about what I want to upload to my Dropbox. The uploading is automatic and once I move some file into there, it appears into the Dropbox account.

Now is the time to synchronize my Google Drive with Dropbox. But to be honest I am using them for different stuff. So, this could wait till I think of how to structure it best. Which files where to be uploaded.

P.S: By the way @Brum has an interesting thread how he use Google Drive in his work - What is Scrum Methodology? Your Professional Freelancing Begins Here!


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Here is more info about Google Drive:

And will give you some tips about how to get more benefits from Google Drive:

* You can attach files by using Google Drive. This is happening when writing an email in your Gmail.


* Learn the keyboard shortcuts

More information: