Google Web Designer Review


What is Google Web Designer Review and what does it do? Here is a short video:


Not so long time ago, Google has announced the launch of the Google Web Designer, and it was its beta version. The advertisers (that mostly will appreciate it) heard about this wonderful tool in June. The tool would probably integrated with AdMob as well as DoubleClick Studio. It purpose is to help advertisers make really nice graphics for their campaigns and clients too.

Google Web Designer
allows advertisers to create HTML 5 ads, not only for desktop, but also for mobile devices. Why this tool was launched and is taking part of the designer's world? The answer is simple - because HTML 5 advertisements are expected to overtake Flash ads within the next 2-3 years. Now you see, why Google is giving this to the webmaster world. Things chance and new technologies are coming.

The best thing about the tool is that is all free, which makes is choice #1. People will think of stop paying $14.99 per month for Adobe Muse program, similar to Google Web Designer.

You can run Google's tool on Mac and Windows (Strongly believe that soon will have a version for Linux). You also get default layouts for both - DoubleClick rich media ads and AdMob mobile ads. You can create an ads with no problem, and if you a little bit more familiar with designing, you can also edit CSS and JavaScript. You can create animations with the program easy and fast, as well as changing codes. The option Preview allows you to see what you are doing at the moment - showing it in your browser.

Now you have the chance to download the tool here. Great to, and hope you can add more info. The Google Web Designer Review here is just to present it with a few words. :) I personally will use it.


1. Google Web Designer beta now available: Build beautiful HTML5 creative with ease.

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