How to use the iTrader in the Marketplace

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The latest guidance of the Usage of iTrader is written back in 2008. The system is much more user friendly and a lot of it is automatic

On the left side of the bottom of the first post of each topic has an open section called Rate Seller. Please, see the given example below.


After you clink on the button, feedback menu will appear.

How to give iTrade to a member?

1. Choose from the first dropdown box what you are - Buyer, Seller, or just Trade.

2. Rate the deal - positive, negative, or indifferent.

3. The URL address of the deal (theme) is automatically added if you use the Rate Seller button. You can also use the exact URL address of the post, where you write about the deal. You should add it manually.

4. Leave short comment in the empty box.

5. Leave a descriptive comment.

6. Click "Submit" button to continue with giving iTrade.

............and it is all done.

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