MoreNiche Affiliate Program Review

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With over 25 merchants offering hundreds of products across multiple health niches, MoreNiche has a wide selection of offers for you to promote. Offering commissions as high as 50% per sale and top affiliates achieving conversion rates of 1/5, MoreNiche is the most profitable Health & Beauty network out there! Unlike other network we guarantee you’ll get paid so you can promote in confidence! We’ve not missed a payment in more than 8 years and we’re not about to start now…

Founded in 2002, MoreNiche is a great program, that we have been working with it for more than 5 years. The have quality products, high prices, which helps them give good commissions to their affiliates (50%). Also, the affiliates earn money on every Up sale, Cross sale and Backorder. MoreNiche provides its affiliates with templates, articles, static and dinamic banners, ebooks. You can also become a part of their community, where you will get helpful tips, tricks and more information on hot to promote their products online.

They have a lot of surprises coming regulary, like the new compare template (Weight Loss Articles + Price Compare Template) they have, and adding new products n their portfolio. The program is 2-tier - You earn 5% of every sale your sub-affiliate makes. The payment options are - PayPal, Check and International Wire.

The products they have are in the following markets: Health and Beauty, Wealth Creation, Gambling and Some Adult Products.

Note for adult webmasters: MoreNiche says that currently work with ThumbZilla and they are achieving ratios of 1:40

Note for beginners: MoreNiche offers learnings, support forum (their own community), web design (in case you can't manage to use their templates properly). The program is strongly committed to work and build up a great number of affiliates.

Join today, they are waiting to make you rich
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