Quality aged and expired domains with superb links from CNN, BBC,Techcrunch, Mashable


As the title says we offer aged and expired old domains with ultimate quality links from one of the most reputable sites in the world like CNN, BBC,Techcrunch, Mashable, USA Today, Guardian.... the list is endless over than 300.
What the service is?
At our site: http://www.qualityolddomains.com/top-offers/ you can find listed example expired domains with superior links. The seo metrics we support are the Majestic TF, CF, Ref Domains, Backlink count. The domains are all free to register, so once ordered we will send you via email the domain name which you have to be ready to register with registrar of your choice. The domains are perfect for PBN, 301 redirects or to start Adsence sites. And fo those bragging for higher SEO metrics let me explain you - all SEO metrics are irrelevant for expired domains, and I can prove it with results, just I have seen sites rank with 2-3 links from expired domains like listed at my site with TF<5, but lets say with PR3 link from bbc.co.uk, you see guys it is all about tyhe quality not just some lame metrics.
Also we offer and custom request but for more than 3 domains, just atm we got over 25000 domains at the base and looking for a single domain just to satisfy someone wont cover my time cost.
To spice up the offer till the end of the year we offer and special coupon code with 30% discount for members of the forum - the code is PREDPM30, so don't forget to apply it before checkout.
For more info and requests use the contact form of the site, or pm me here, or post in this thread.
And again superior domains for anyone - http://www.qualityolddomains.com/top-offers/