Reasons why you love Shareasale?


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Never used them, so I want to know why you work with Shareasale and love doing it.

I love shareasale as an online business and it is so simple as a partnership program. It is not like clickbank, where you have to create a hoplink to get credit. I like things simple... I like the copy and pasting of it. Also, there are great companies to choose from. So whatever you want to market, they have it! It is great! What do you think of Shareasale? Want to know your thoughts. ;)


I have been doing affiliate marketing for well over 10 years. From an affiliates look at things ShareASale beats a lot of affiliate networks and programs without a doubt. There is so much disadvantages with CB and not many disadvantages with ShareASale, infact can't think of one at the moment. My opinion is based on what I have red and know. I have an account with SAS, know it from inside, but never promote their products at all.

If I have to put my reasons in a list, will be like that:

1. Their promotional stuff and admin panel inside;
2. Real time statistics;
3. Great tools that it offers;
4. A lot of merchants in there;
5. Protecting you in many ways from fraud orders.

Lets see your reasons. :)


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The main difference between clickbank and shareasale is with clickbank you can only sell info products & ebooks. With shareasale you can sell everything else. The other main difference is that with ebooks you can get a payout ratio up to 75%;. You won't find anything even close to that with shareasale. Although am new to the trend, but all the while l ever knew about affiliate marketing -its been just CB and the likes ,l never heard of SAS .

MY critirea of choosing the programs is "where is the money honey?" .Yes the programs which give me money i prefer and continue and programs which yields no results or less left by me after a period of time.
As CB giving me better results as compared to SAS so i prefer and recomended to CB more.

I think yours resolution for choosing the programs is too by looking at "SALES "and not at other options(like making links with CB and ready made banners in SAS ).After all its the "success that matters most "
what you say?


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От: Reasons why you love Shareasale?

It didn't bother comparing the both as the list is endless. lol

Some some of the things.

1. With ShareASale if a product no longer exists you can set up a page that it will redirect to instead. You can designed what goes onto that page as it will be a page on your site.

2. ShareASale offers merchant datafeeds that you can easily grab.

3. You can earn from 2 tier programs, CPL, CPC, etc.

4. With shareasale you can purchase from some of the products listed there yourself I think, but which ones I'm not sure, with clickbank you have to get atleast 4 sales from 4 different credit cards before they release your payments to you even if you reach the minmum payout level. This makes it harder for small affiliates to get paid.

5. ShareASale does deduct your balance every month while Clickbank will deduct $2 per month from your account if you don't have any sales within a certain time period. This alone is making clickbank probably over $1,000,000 per month / year alone just from taken affiliates earnings from them. I know they have deducted around $15 - $20 of my earnings this way.

6. Etc....


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How do you guys choose which "store" on Share A Sale you use? I mean, I know use one that relates to what you are writing about, but other than that, what if there isn't a store that relatest o waht I am writting about?

Could a few of you send me links to your blogs showing me how you use the banners from Share A Sale on your blog? I just have a few on th side bar and also use them best i can within a blog post, but other than that.... any suggestions?

Also, while I use them within the writting of a blog post, how do you keep track of all the links and HTMLS and all that you have at SAS and other places, (like linking this blog post with another post)? I also do Associate Content and Squido and will use a link within them to my blogs and visa versa.

The main reason for me is CB doesn't accept publishers from my country while SAS does.

thanks to all!