Reasons Why You Should Work For Yourself


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Hi guys and girls. Today I would like to share an article that I have found while browsing the net.

The article is named Why You Should Be Your Own Boss: 10 Reasons You Should Work For Yourself


1. The flexibility to work anywhere you want to, at any time

2. Do work that you enjoy and happy with it

3. You have the opportunity to create jobs and hire people

4. Choose how much money you earn and invest back

5. You don’t have to answer to anyone and noone will ask for it

6. You will become more resilient

7. You will develop self-discipline

8. You can live a more meaningful life

9. You will develop business sense

10. You will leave a legacy behind

Hope to read the whole article. It is really good one. Enjoy it. :)


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Nice ! I like it
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11. You have the opportunity to earn a sh*t load of money. Like millions. The other people are earning 1000 eu/month, you can earn them for a day! Your future is in your hands and you are the only one in charge of your own life.
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12. Improve your life style - health as well.


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15. You can be yourself anytime you want. No dramas, no two faces, no anger, nothing at all. :)


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16. The average people sell their time. The world-class people sell their ideas.

And the income of both reflects the truth about which is the more valuable thing to sell.


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I'd say the top two reasons for me will be:

Freedom to make my own schedule and create my own working hours,
and the freedom to have creativity, do things my way, not someone else's way.
cuz Buffet is My Father!!
but real one is communist.. :D
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