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Selling online property is easy and fast with Before you list your work, project, content, site, domain, ads, or any other resource, take the time to read and understand these important points below. By getting familiar with all of them, you will sell yourself or your work successfully. We will do our best to provide you the best place to do that.

All of the sales are public and everyone can post in your theme (sell offer), as far as it is related to the topic (about the offer). gives you the chance to sell your stuff to a huge IT audience. Our experience has shown, that the most common things users sell are:

  • Built up web sites and blogs
  • Articles, content, graphics, images and etc.
  • Advertising spots - links, banners, articles, post (blog, Facebook, Twitter and others)
  • Web resources such as Facebook fen pages, designs, plugins, codes, scripts and etc.
  • Hardware and software
  • Projects and ideas
  • Services - writing, programming, SEM (SEO, PPC, Social and advertising management)
  • Discounts and coupon codes

Make sure to describe your proposal in details. The information you will give sells. You need to keep this in your mind, while writing the offer.

You should always have 2 prices - official and reserve price (the lowest price you will sell for).

As an open market you know that your most of the time your first proposal will not be the final. That's why we encourage you to have reserve price in case some of the buyer want to drop the official one. Remember, your reserve price does not mean selling it cheaper than it costs. It means, that you can drop under the official price you publish, and still benefit from the deal.

Sellers can also give and official price, that is final and do not drop it (buy or leave), but our recommendation is to have a plan B, which is this option with the official and reserve price thing.

Do updates in your theme.

You should know that our Marketplace is a fast-growing and dynamic area. If there is more offers in your section, there is a chance your deal to drop places and stays in the bottom of the page. Just to prevent, you need to update it frequently. What does it mean? You can post information every time you thing you have something to tell about your site. For example, if you sell a web site, you can write about the its earnings, stats, history, content and etc.

Make your research properly. Be well informed!

We all know, that we are here to make business, help each other, and make money online. That's for sure. But if you want to keep it that way, make your research before doing in a deal, meaning your look at the buyer's iTrade and reputation rating in the forum. Make sure he is a reliable and honest member of the community. If it is not - keep it in your mind if you still want to make business with him. You can also use as a third part.

So, you should make research about your potential buyers when you see they have interest in your deal. DOES NOT handle money or property transfer

The forum is a market place, not a guarantor of the deal. The site does not DOES NOT handle money or property transfer, so the deal is only between the buyer and the sellers. It is all on your own. As an online business forum, will promise you that we will ban every one who is not correct with the others, especially when it comes to selling, buying, trading services and products.

We are unable to help you with the transfer of money or online property between buyers and sellers.

Text sells

Make sure your offer is well-written and has all the needed details. As a marketer, you know that great deals sells better. This does not mean you write stuff that buyers won't find interesting. Write all the features you thing will sell.

For example, if you sell article, you can mention things like is it unique; is it SE optimizated; how long it is (500 words); do you provide bonuses (free graphics), adn etc.

Make them ask question.

When you post your deal, make sure you also encourage questions from potential buyers in the next posts, and answer them promptly. That way you will give more information, that you have forgotten to give at first place and you will also attract other uses' attention. There is other benefit - your deal will appear on the top of the section thanks to the updates in t.
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