When SEO Does Not Help


Although many of us know that the most efficient way for a long term success is SEO. For the most of the products that are sold on the Internet could not be found on the first page of SERP or even more - they pay for advertising.

Disadvantages of SEO
  • It takes time to break out, especially if we talk about competitive niche
  • Even if you reach the coveted first place you will never go first because your competitors are paying for first
  • SEO is the cheaper alternative - what I mean. To you doing SEO (optimization for a single word), let's say "movers" (which was really competitive years ago) will take your good amount of money with justification that is very competitive and there is so much work to do it with results. Moreover, pay $1000 for results to be first in Google for a period of 6 months, however, if you stop paying the competition never sleeps and you will drop from your place. That means you should continue paying.
  • If your product is unpopular through optimization even on the 1st place, no one will buy your product. For example - snoring products with total searches per month 4400. On the first place you can not sell any product. With the help of advertising, you can bring significant traffic, because you need to be with great conversion, but how many of them are looking for the solution when you have only 4400 searches per month. Only advertising can sell this product here. So, you need to know your product and potential clients.
Benefits of Advertising
  • Quickly, easily and effectively will get the desired traffic to your products
  • First places in Google (if you paying well)
  • Real customers come right away, not like with SEO, where you should invest money and time before start selling.
  • Easy prediction of the short-term costs and benefits
  • Easy management of campaigns, with no great skills
  • Extremely useful if you want to dominate on the market before competition wake ups. If you find something cheaper (for example, silicone watches, that are sold everywhere) - the price was $ 2 with the delivery when you purchase 1000 of them(I saw it on a Chinese website). Here SEO will have no effect because these 1000 copies were sold on $ 35. And I had to sell them before the competition to go into this as well. Now their prices fell to $ 12. Even if it were on 1st page in GOOOGLE for "silicone watches", who would know about them? Now everyone around the age of 16-35 year wears those watches. Not everyone, but almost everyone, including me.
I hope this post to become a good start of a discussion, talking about advertising of online stores with or without doing SEO! Not for regular sites!
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