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    BIG HELLO to every new english-speaking member here

    Big HELLO from me John. The forum is full of great people. I think you gonna like it here. Take your time and see what I mean. :) Good luck, buddy. :)
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    Discussion: Dedicated Server or Home PC?

    Home based s - only if you have perfect connection and non stop electicity. ;) If you are planning to use it all the time - non stop. For a game server - onky fast speed. ;)
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    Create Your Own Infographic - Tools To Do It

    Wonderful graphic man. ;) Keep doing it.
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    CooliceHost.com - Powerful like VPS, CloudLinux based HDD packages with cPanel

    Great results. Congrats. ;) May try it too in near future.
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    Reasons why you love Shareasale?

    The main difference between clickbank and shareasale is with clickbank you can only sell info products & ebooks. With shareasale you can sell everything else. The other main difference is that with ebooks you can get a payout ratio up to 75%;. You won't find anything even close to that with...
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    Do we need to pay for a domain name? newbie here

    Yes, forgot to mention it. Why some people think domains should be free? If those people could explain more why, but before then, there is a site dnjournal to see how costly domains cost. I am not talking about the case where many webhosting providers offer domain names for free with their...
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    Do we need to pay for a domain name? newbie here

    Godaddy is the worst to use. Many people have probems if they are using them for IM co.cc can get you flagged as spam. A name can be bought for as little as $6 if you shop around. Try and keep it short and try to get the .com whenever you can.
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    Finding the Right Domain Name

    Finding a right domain name is vital as it provides your company an identification that helps you to reach to your valuable customers. After choosing a right host, you need to give your precious time on finding a right domain name. Your domain name should be distinct from your competitors so...
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    Top 50 Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools

    Here is a list of most popular (hope they still working, last time I checked them that were) Twitter tracking and analytics tools: 1. Twittercounter 2.Twitteranalyzer 3. Tweetstats 4. Twitalyzer 5. Twitturly 6. Tweeps 7. TwitterGrader 8. Twitscoop 9. Tweettronics 10. Monitter 11...
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    The Most Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Business Now

    Someone share something from his own experience? P.S: Thanks for the reputation given. ;)
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    The Most Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Business Now

    The last one for this night. ;) One of the most asked questions I get is how to get traffic to my website. By the time I hear it, the person has tried all of the more sleezy ways of marketing, and so they're not having any luck. As an affiliate marketer, your job is much harder than if you...
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    My favorite Traffic generation techniques

    Thanks for your opinions.
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    My favorite Traffic generation techniques

    Hey all! Tell me your favorite techniques to generate traffic. There are plenty of techniques for sure but some must be your favorite. Every internet marketer has a common desire and that is to find effective strategies that can bring about effective results when it comes to traffic...
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    SEO of your website for Yahoo

    Re: От: SEO of your website for Yahoo Well, we are still talking about optimization in Yahoo, but anyway, you are right - the natural link building is in the relevance of the topic. ;) Even the dumbest SEs know it. :)
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    Google Or Yahoo....

    I like the interface of Google the best. Google does have the most traffic. I do not like how Google plays God with Affiliates by changing the rules and not telling us what they are. For instance the Google slaps. They change the way they calculate quality and then we have to guess what they are...