Catalog of free modules for Opencart


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Do not hurry to spend their money, maybe your desired functionality can be found here for free.

If you have something to share, you are welcome. Together, we make a search module for our platform simple and systematic.

Dear colleagues! Are kindly requested to indicate in the subject name of the module functional version (if any), the applicability (version OpenCart). This will facilitate the search.
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От: Catalog of free modules for openart

СТАН we can just copy extensions from other one thread?
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Catalog of free modules for openart

СТАН we can just copy extensions from another thread?
This will work for you, he started a section here for our En-speaking friends. :) I believe will be one of the best threads here. Even I will ask him for one module that I am looking for a long time. @СТАН, does it have a module that rotates the products and brand (in a lines) on the front (home) page of the store. Thanks for your thread here. you have rep. :)


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От: Catalog of free modules for openart


Save & Continue (VQMOD)
This option will enable Save & Continue option in product add and edit form.

CKEditor with Youtube &filter_license=0
A Full CKEditor with the option to add YouTube URL to display videos.

(VQMod)Ajax Enable Disable Product Status
Feature: Just One Click Quickly and Easily Enable Disable Product!!!

Customer Support Page 1.5.x

Featured Product Plus
This mod simply enhances OpenCart's built-in Featured module with the ability to rearrange order of products displaying.

captcha in admin page
this extension to add Captcha in admin area for more security

(VQMod) Admin Ajax Edit Quantity
Now you can edit quantity of products in line with the support of Ajax.
Have Fun

Image Manager + Lohn

Add All Zones (VQMod)
This modification allows you to add all zones to a Geozone in one click.

Detailed Admin Order Notification Email (VQMod)
This modification will change your incoming order notifications to the same detailed email that the customer receives.

Disable Free Order Admin Notification (VQMod) Addons&page=4
This modification will remove the administrator email notification when receiving an order that is free.

Find Other Orders (VQMod) Addons&page=4
This modification creates a link next to the customer's name in the order view that allows you to quickly view other orders by the same customer.

Customer Orders List Tab (VQMod) Addons&page=4
This modification creates a new tab in the customer edit page in the administrator's panel that displays a list of the customers orders.

Editable Product List (vQMod) 2.0.3
Allows you to edit various characteristics of the goods directly to the page of the list of goods in the admin area.
Позволяет редактировать различные характеристики товаров непосредственно на странице списка товаров в админке.

{vqmod} Delete image on product delete !!!!
A smart vqmod module, which will delete any images,associated with product, when you delete the product, as soon as they are not used anywhere else (other products or categories).
Vqmod installed is required!

Auto SKU sku auto create
This mod will automatically add a SKU when inserting a product (if the SKU Field is left blank)

Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking
The module adds Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking.

Image Manager Page 1.5.x v1.1.0

Opencart menu management

Manager Layout Folder in File Manager&filter_license=0
Manage issues in practical ways, pre-Register settings for your theme and change it with just 1 click.
- Pre-Register your topics and turn them in just one click
- Change the controller files directly in admin panel
- Change the language files directly in admin panel
- Change the model files directly into the admin panel
- Change the layout of your subject directly in the admin panel.

vQModerator Folder in File Manager&filter_license=0
vQModerator is the One-Stop extension if you want to use vQMod!
It handles the installing/updating of vQMod, and you can manage all your extensions.
You can also edit extensions, or if you're a developer generate your XML files.

Simple image Manager OC- (vQmod)

Admin sending mail store logo

[VQMod] Micro Bar for Admin Panel

Admin Limit Login


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От: Catalog of free modules for openart

modules of articles, news, blogs:

Pav Blog News Module

Click Here

Click Here

Модуль Блога 0.7.2модуль-блога/

Blog module
Simple blog module with native Opencart backend look.

Simple Blog
A simple blogging module that allows you to blog about your products. You can add/edit/delete posts.
The editor is simple and straight.

News / Blog with category (vqmod) FREE

News 1.5.6


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От: Catalog of free modules for Opencart

Registration, authorization and layout of order:


Plus and minus for the cart

Product Quantity Plus Minus
Simple plus and minus buttons on product page.


Plus and Minus Quantity[vQmod]

Add2Cart Go2Cart - vQmod
his mod takes you to the shopping cart when you add a product to the cart.

Image cart in header
This module will add and change, on full and empty, the image cart, in mini-cart module in header.
For work this add-on correctly you should have installed module Vqmod.

Addresses on Checkout Confirm
This is a vQmod that adds the Shipping and Payment address to the final screen of the checkout (confirm).

Sloppy Address Cleaner
This cleans up address by correcting the case. So many people seem incapable of typing their address correctly (capitalized first letters) that I've had to resort to doing it for them!

FREE! Ajax Login
-multi language.
-popup will show account links after login.
-bonus feature: no more redirect after login/logout. users stay on the same page.

[VQMod] Email Mailcheck on Registration Page

Customer Account Greeting - vQmod
This vQmod will add a greeting to the customer on their account page.

"@tik" Product pictures in order email 1.3

CompanyID TaxID VQMod Remover

Picture options in the basket.
Фото опций в корзине.

This solution displays in the basket (as in mini and in everyday) image of the chosen option (valid for all types of lists of options / checkboxes ... natural image, in the presence of the image itself.

Product Option Image to Cart
1353769799.productoptionimage1-500x500.jpg 1353769819.productoptionimage2-500x500.jpg

Cart Popup (VQMod)

This modification opens up the dynamic cart in the header every time an item is added to the cart.

Key Features

Opens dynamic cart in header every time an item is added to the cart

Dynamic cart closes after 5 seconds

Slight modification of your common.js file is required

Product Description In Cart (VQMod)

Order Delivery Date Lite

Checkout Confirm Waiting 1.5.x

простой заказ/оформление 0.0.6
simple order / registration 0.0.6

Personal Bar - Personalized Shopping & Coupons

show store local time

Maximum Product Order Quantity
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От: Catalog of free modules for Opencart

Pav Advanced Footer
Pav Advanced Opencat Module is lightweight module to easy create nice footer module with anything you want. Using this module you create footer having multiple row and multiple columns in each row. This module support a lot of widget such as twitter , facebook, html… and support to drag and drop those widgets in column.


Pav Blog New
a perfect solution for your blog page in your Opencart site. With the module, you will have a very impressive blog page in your site. The module, with multiple layouts will display your blog article in flexible ways. Moreover, you can add theme by yourself easily. Well structured, easy to configure, nice layout, friendly UX … are just some words for the module. Your users will be exited with your blog article because they can be envolved by giving them rights to post comment, give ideas and rating for your blog article.
DEMO Download

Pav Megamenu
If you want to improve your online store usability and navigation, Opencart Mega Menu Module is exactly what you need. It offers the most effective way to organize the products and categories.
A Module (with simple configuration panel, rich front-end features functionality) is to create menu top and left for your Opencart Store website,. With simple and friendly configuration panel, Pav Mega Menu Opencar Module allows user to configure it easily.



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От: Catalog of free modules for Opencart

Admin Dashboard, Products, Category Enhancements License Free


All Setting can be easely enabled/disabled from the store settings page!