Every adventure starts with one single step ahead


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Every adventure in your life will begin with one single step ahead. Those are words from ancient China and they still have sense. There is no matter with what you will start. Love, work, online or offline it is all the same. It will not happen without the first step. There are a lot of new users in predpriemach who don’t know from where to start. That question is asked almost every day. That simple question is important for so much people out there and the answer for all is different.

„What topic I should chose for my articles? What to write for in my site? Free or paid hosting ? What means meta-tag? What is SEO? How much money I will learn?"

Hey you, yes you behind the monitor stop and give me a minute! It will change your mind for a lot of things. I’m sure ;)

To avoid mistakes (I’ve made some too when I started) just focus on the first two questions – What will be the topic for your website and your content. Every other question will come after you find the answer of these.

Now I am sitting in a small room and I can found at least 10 things to right about in a few minutes. I can start a blog about routers, laptops, printers (those are found on my desk). I can be a fitness blogger (that is my hobby), I can write about the coffee I am drinking now, I can write for the nasty cigarettes that I want to throw away.

We all were babies back in the days. Do like them.

First you have to learn how to stand still, than to do the first step without falling on the ground. If you fall down then you should stand up. Keep trying and one day you will run as fast as you want.

In the internet business everything happens like that – step by step.

Get some paper write all things that you love, you find fun etc. Leave them for a few days in which you will just think about what satisfies you most. After that it is sure that you will know from where to start.
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Start An Internet Business In A Few Easy Steps

Very good post. I want to add something to it
I receive massages like:

Bro, what is the deal?, Can I call you because it is too slow to read, you will explain everything to me ? , Give me your skype, so I can ask you all that stuff I want to know? And etc etc. People are lazy and that is awful. We always want to do things the easiest way.

If you want to start something in the online world, first you have to create your concept. Find what your target is, how you want to do it. Without clearing that stuff you will mess up a lot. Imagine everything, read something here and there, then imagine it again. Everything will start to look clearer and clearer in your mind. It is hard in the beginning but no one is born with all the knowledge. If you want it truly you can do it!

Don’t cry for every small thing that makes you angry. Follow your dreams, catch them by any means. No one will give you all the information and support you need If you don’t try to acquire them by your self. Everything in life stands on this philosophy. Get on with that.

After you try by yourself you can search for help somewhere. There is a big chance that someone will help you if he sees you are trying to do it without you ask him. Help someone with thing you know and they will help you too. But rely on yourself first than on others.

It is not necessarily to do it for money in the beginning, do it for yourself. You will be getting more and more ahead in this and all your friends will get jealous for this. They will do nothing for their lives but you will. Be a man, be a professional. After that money will come into your pocket like charm. Make a name of yourself, don’t thin about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll :D. People will get serious with you and everything will come to its place. You’ll have to go head to head with your competitors. They will not respect how much alcohol you are drinking, or with how much girls you can sleep at once.

Always strive for the first place. Don’t get comfy when you are number 2 in the list. Strive for perfection. You will get better in your personal life too. You just need to control yourself. Marketing nowadays is war. Only the best survive in the business. It goes like in life. Think about what will you do if you want the hottest girl in the club. She is surrounded by a lot of players. What you will do to get above them ?

Don’t be gentle, but aggression is not the answer too. Keep calm, invest your time well. Evolve, because the clock is ticking and time is going away. Try everything first by yourself and then ask others for help.
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I remember something that happened in the university when I was studying economy. It was the first lesson for the day and we all were in a hangover. The assistant tried to make us pay attention but his try was not successful. Then he told us a story that I will remember till the end of my life.

- Students, I know that most of you are not here because you want. Some of you are here because they were accepted only here, or they don’t want to go in the barracks (here in Bulgaria they were a must for every man back in the days). Some of you are here for the student brigades. There is a really small percent of you that will be economists after the university.

We all started laughing.

- It is not a shame to give up studying. You can study something different. The world equally needs economists, doctors, cleaners and all you can think of. The most important thing is that you tried and you found that economy is not for you by yourself.

Same goes to the online business too. I’m sure that a small amount of all people who are trying to join will succeed. It is good that the other part of them will learn their lesson.

My first thread here was a ad for someone that will make me script for PayPal payments. I had no idea what were hosting, domains, SEO, articles etc. I just calculated how much money I will earn.
Here are a few tips for all newcomers.

1. Make a plan that describes what you will do. A lot of people don’t do this. Imagine that you are going on a long road trip without knowing the path, without a map or something. All you think about in that moment will be just dreams and desires, but that you have written on paper is your plan that will make you succeed.

2. Are you ready to pay the price? The online business can give you a lot but I can take away things too. There is not a single example of a person that bought his first car or made his first thousand bucks without doing nothing. There is a lot of work that waits to be done. This will be the difference between you and the others who are not succeeding. You will work had for your future.

3. Don’t blame others if you don't succeed. Personally, I am always angry when someone blames his parents, friends, relative and etc. for his fail. You have to be perseverant. Do everything step by step. Imagine an apple, its size is similar to a fist. It is small. But get in the role of a worm. The apple is big like a whole planet for him but he never gives up.

Don’t delay stuff. No one know how much time he has to make his dreams come true. Start today!

When I’m stuck with something and I don’t have a desire to work on it I go to YouTube, because there are a lot of motivational videos. Here is one of my favourite ones.

The best motivation video
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Starting an online business | Start Up

Congratulations for the great article, Ivo. It is great to see you here again.
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How to Start an Online Business

While you are wondering about something, someone is already doing it.

Laziness is one of the most popular reasons to give up on something without even trying. There is a question that helps this in the most of the cases: Is worth to live inadequate without chasing our dreams?
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Starting A Online Business - Movation

Blinky каза:
Bro, what is the deal ? , Can I call you because it is too slow to read, you will explain everything to me ? , Give me your skype, so I can ask you all that stuff I want to know? And etc etc.

That is hilarious. I imagine you explaining what’s the damn deal to them?

Nothing in the life is given for free so if you wait for it, it will not going to happen. As much as you wait and your are lazy, you will lose time and at the end you will have nothing behind your back. :) :) :)

Offline or online it doesn’t matter because life is just a battle. If you wait you will get crushed. Every time you don’t do something because your are lazy you are losing an opportunity and money. So you will get in the battle and fight or you will be just an average stupid idiot. Thoughts like “I can’t do it”, “I don’t understand”, “It will not going to happen” will make you fail at the beginning. ;)
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Steps to Starting an Online Business

Great thread fellows. I will buy a domain and start learning the code, the rent is waiting to be paid :D
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Learn the basics

Do you know what is the basic rule of my fitness trainer? “The success in fitness is due to: 60% right nutrition, 30% regeneration and 10% training.”

I was wondering how to transform it into a variation that is good for our forum. It can be like a motto for the Start in the Internet Business section. After a cup of coffee I knew what should be said. “Beginners will be successful in the online business due to 30% research and planning, 60% reading and 10% practising.”

I don’t want you to think like me. I will share something that happened In the fitness. It is common for a lot of people that are registering here and their first thread is like “How to earn money from internet?”

The fitness center I am regularly visiting is near the Student district in Sofia. Something that is happening often in the end of September and in the beginning of October is the coming of some new “fitness maniacs”
Those are students that just started their university education or people that are back from the WAT brigades. They are coming in groups of 3-4 guys. They are so motivated.

I’ve stopped going to train for the winter because of the bad weather and because I was lazy. Don’t do like that. I got going in the last month. There was only one boy left from the group of the fitness maniacs. However he got muscled up. His biceps and back were visibly bigger.

His breathing technique got better and the way he was doing the exercises was right. He learned the basics.

Things are going just like the same here to. From ten people asking “how?” only one or two are here after a few weeks.

I will describe due what is the success in fitness trainers. You learn how to eat right, do the exercises right, how to breath when you are training. What are all the muscle groups and what are they doing, training routine etc. I can tell you more but you got my logic. This is true for the online business too.

Many of the users here are forgetting that they started from zero too.

There is one phrase – “The curse of knowledge” If you know what affiliate is or SEO, article marketing and etc, this doesn’t mean that newcomers should know that too.
To give advices on something you don’t understand (or something you just know but never tried) is the best way to show the world that you are no more than just a moron. On the others side, to share your personal experience with the others is a must. It is the right way to do things.
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How to Start a Home Internet Business: In A Few Steps

The truth is that you need 100% perseverance! If you don’t stop working someday things will end the way you want. That is the basic not matter if you are doing something online or offline.
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very adventure starts with one single step ahead

/hate mode on

Those ideas are found in every low-class action movie from the 80s. Fitness is a bad example – it is one of the easiest things because it is available for all of us. The will to train 3 times a week for hours is not mandatory for success in other aspects.

Rely on the fact you are unique. Big pile of the people are unique with the fact they can’t do a single thing right. Most of the newcomers are hopeless cases. If I have the last word I would leave them to natural selection. There is no reason for them to suffer.

/hate mode off
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A Guide to Starting a Home Based Web Business

The example is good and almost in place – if you have desire you read, eat and train right. You build your body while 90% of people are just sitting in front the TV or hating on everything. Almost everything is available to all – the internet, the fitness and whatever you want. The pile of people you are talking about will always be scum.
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Internet businesses you can start from home

The vicious circle

Days are passing, I striving for the idea that makes millions of dollar from internet. I will try this offer from WF or download the free course from BlackHatWorld. Nothing works, time is passing and the results are awful.

One of the biggest mistakes that people are doing when they are spending money on internet. Online players are earning money from the naive buyers. Buyers that are searching for the best idea and easy cash. I was like them before.
I was giving examples with fitness from the beginning of the thread and today I will do it again.

You need a lot of time and perseverance to acquire the six pack you want. You need to eat and train right. Recovery is important too. Same goes to the supplements. All that miracle pills from the TV, the vibrating belts and all the scam stuff like them are just dumb.

Belcho Hristov said it very well :
„How I made mine six pack ?
With a lot of food, training session and cardio training! That is the answer of question “How have you done this?” Here is how! With will and desire. This can’t be done in a few weeks! That is the absolute truth. “

Same goes to the online business too. You should work hard, whenever you can. You have to be disciplined and you should plan everything.
In the online business, there are people called “super affiliates” or “six figure dogs”. Only 1-5 percent of people working online can call themselves like that.

How they’ve did it ?

Follow this simple rules

1. Find a niche that is hungry for new products and services.
2. Analyse the competition
3. Know your product and your customers.
4. Promote products by different creators.
5. Always seek new knowledge and seek the changes
6. Never give up

Hope the 5% stats are same in our forum!
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10 out of 10 for this thread. Every beginner should read things that are written here and try to really understand the. This goes for the whole business field. Desire for money is not enough to earn money. You should strive to create something; money will come after that with no problem. They should be your target not your instrument. I am also a newcomer, I’ve been doing a lot of things with good success and I want to try this too. I don't expect to earn millions I am just interested. I have good concept and a lot of ideas but I can’t code. I’ve been waiting for someone to do the coding for me. But time was passing and my ideas were realized by others. They were profitable and I couldn’t help it. I will try to do something by myself. I can’t just leave my ideas without trying.
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Starting an Internet Business

Great article, hope that every beginner read it and understand it. Don’t give up if you fail. There is a time that you will find the right path. Here is a quote that I really like.

"The only place where success comes before work is in dictionary."
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How to Start a Home-Based Internet Business on a Budget

I agree with everything in this thread about the adventure of online business. Bravo. Just to say that your trainer is not right. I train too and training is the most important thing in fitness. No pain no gain! A lot of sweat is required to get the desired body. Good job for the thread.
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Starting an Internet Business at Home: How to Make Money

Noke is absolutely right.

Imagine that all the money in the world are 100 dollars and there 100 people. There is one dollar per person. To have more than others we should go above them. There is no other way. Perseverance is a factor but the protogenic knowledge is more important. We should plan how things are going on second place and after these two thing we should be perseverant. We can’t be just perseverant for the idea of doing it.

Mine steps for success are:

Step 1.
We always should be one step ahead of the average person. Example: Tomorrow everybody will find that SEO is profitable. Every single person will want to learn SEO so they can get in the competition. Why we should be in the competition too when people need new qualification. We can be their SEO teacher. We can sell them the needed education. That is the right way of thinking!

Step 2. Plan your actions well! It doesn’t have a thing with calculating the costs of the needed hosting, domains and a few links, then to get the number out of the desired monthly income. You should plan everything in details. This will happen when you have some experience. There are some books in internet you can read. You have to calculate the risk, to make a good marketing strategy that you can make happen. You should analyse the market, to calculate how much time you need for every step. This is done by making a project plan. The risk should not go above 5-10% of the whole capital.

Step 3.
Add fantasy to your work and follow every step of your plan strictly! Don’t do stupid things, don’t go away from the basic ideals of your plan. Look at every detail to avoid mistakes and reorganize your stuff when the results are not like the expected ones. Try to win some time than delaying the whole project. Always watch out for the competition and know where they are. There is no reason to work on something when the competition is miles ahead of you and that can’t be changed. Drink some cold water and get a new qualification – Step 1.

Always remember what ivo1017 said – “Every adventure in your life will begin with one single step ahead“ and something I will add – “Not every step will take you on a adventure.” To be honest I will tell you that there are not a lot of steps that will take you to success, sometimes there will be no steps available.

Additional advice: Prioritize your stuff ! There is no reason to sit on the computer till 3 am in the morning, when your wife is waiting you in the bed without a blanket! It will cost you more than you think. Go to the bedroom put the blanket on her and get back to the computer.... :lol:

Here is one more motivational video for you:
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