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This is just an intro from my future guide "A-Z: How to create, manage and develop a popular forum community" . I hope you like it.


Lunching a forum website for most people is something easy and do not realize how much efforts are needed for being a successful forum owner.

In this brief article I will expose some of the preliminary questions that every future forum owner should ask him (her)self before start a board community

* Do you have the necessary time for spend ?

Managing a forum community is taking a lot of your time, believe me. As a forum owner with not such big community (yet) I'm spending a lot of time on my website. Many people thing that forums are making their content themselves, but that not completely true. The forum owner and the administrative part of it must always ""throw an eye"" on the community. Also the content is up to you for a long period of time (especially when the board is new). The forum owner must add fresh content frequently or the forum will die before even got born. So prepare to put a lot of your time on a forum, if you're eager to be successful forum owner.

* Have you checked your future concurrence ?

For like 99% of the niches you like and want to create a forum, there already will be probably a website. So check carefully your future concurrent and see his disadvantages, weak sides and take advantage of it. Also see the trends in Google about your niche and make the math - sometimes forums can make a lot of money, sometimes can be only for your pleasure

* Have you an idea how to get your first members ?

Okay, you have created your board. You have putted in it a good amount of content and now the next step is to recruit new forum members. Do you now well your niche ? It's good to know where to start inviting new people. What I did for one of my forum - There was a good fan facebook page of my niches. I contacted the page's owner and with just friendly ask he shared my forum on the page and voila - For the first day - 39 new register (well that's not only the reason for the new regs, it's also about forum content, navigation etc, but will see this things also). So, for better start thing about some source of visitors, that will be interested of your board and eventually will sign up for it

* Does your board is well structured ?

Your forum is a new one. You DO NOT have much time to get your visitor's attention. So, please, do yourself a BIG favor - put on every forum at least 1-2 threads. Empty forums make people leave fast. Put some effort and structure well your forum as much as possible. And again do not leave empty sub-forums with 0 topics (replies). Also make sure that there are threads with questions on it (that will provoke people to write and answer)

* Do you have someone (friends, relatives, etc) that will help you overcome the hard start ?

For some people it is stupid to ask your relatives or friends to participate on your brand new forum, but it's better way to grow and for have some replies, new threads - basically some activity. You can ask some close friends or even your relatives to register and write something on your forum. This kind of start is way better than waiting for new unknown members, it's tested.

* Do you have very good motivation about "diving" into this forum adventure ?

Very often the beginning is very hard, even sometimes frustrating... But you must not give up easily ! You have to be motivated and patient. There are no easy ways for creating a good board communities. The big difference with the other websites is that your visitors (at least many of them) are part of your site - they contribute, give good or bad evaluations and without them you site will be nothing. So respect your members and stay motivated.

* Do you have some "future path" for your forum?

It is not enough just creating the forum website, get some members and put content. For being successful you must have some clue about the future of your community. You must add some changes in it, but always with the agreement of your members. Your community will be annoyed at some point, if every single day they open the same site with the same functionalities. So be creative - change your skin, change your background, add some new functions, make some contest, etc - make people being interested to visit your forum frequently


The full guide will include almost all information about creating forum website. See some examples:

* Choosing your forum domain, hosting and CMS
* Structure your forum correctly
* Onpage SEO
* Content creation
* Which mods, addons should you use on my forum
* Being more popular (activity and registrations increase)
* Managing right your members
* Social media marketing for forum communities
* Monetize your forum website (ads, subscritions, donations, etc)
* Motivation tips
* Administrate less, think smart
* Avoiding biggest administrative mistakes
* Handing with forum moderation stuff
* A lot of useful information about create, manage and develop our own forum

The guide will be ready soon (2 weeks top) and will cost only 10$.
Now is the time for pre-sales !
If you wanna take my guide for only 5$, please post it on the thread and I will contact you immediatly when it's ready !

Note: The guide will be written on English and Bulgarian

Statistics for my last forum project, 6 months after it's release

* 600 registered users
* 12 000+ posts
* 600+ threads
* 3 registration per day
* 65 posts per day
* 65 000+ visits
* 900 000 impressions
* Investments: domain and host only
* #1 BG Google Page for 3/4 keywords (#4 for the fourth keyword)


The guide will be released if at least 10 ppl are interested ( Current 1/10)
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Re: Create and manage a popular board community website (intro)

Nice intro. I've bought Rocksatedy last guide and I was pleased. Subscribed for pre-sale :)


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От: How to create, manage and develop forum website

Please, find someone to spell check it and proof read it, the grammar in the text is horrible. There are also some literally translated bulgarian idioms.

Otherwise it looks good, although we still know that 90% of the people won't listen to you and will fail simply because they don't have the dedication :)


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I would say that forum posting can give you good benefit if you post in related forums according to your products, it would help a lot, there is no doubt to it..the best way is if it's mentioned by an trusted user there. :) Yes, Posting in appropriate Forum and section that is relevant to your Product Category delivers better results for a site. Forum posting is also useful in promotion of the website.

Many sites have a forum section and is the best way of live discussion and and from the seo point of view it is the best source of generating the back links instantly.


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Forum posting really improves websites ranking ?

Yes, it depends on the PR of the thread and the authority of the forum. When you do forum posting on good quality and relevant websites than the back links gets increased by each and every comment done. So easily the pr of the sites gets increased. Of course, as I administrator, I strongly recommend writing quality content and share something valuable with the rest of the world. :)