Live Chat - A Great Idea For Online Sellers


I've never seen anyone mention in the forum or comment this (it could there somewhere, but I haven't seen it). The idea is for people with sites selling products or services online (especially stores). Put Live Chat. Usually, everything I write in the forum here is not red by me somewhere, it is tried and tested. This is not an exception.

5-6 months ago, I decided to put on one of my sites Live Chat. You can not imagine what effect brought me. Soon I was doing my statistics: 44% of the inclusions in the Live Chat became orders. People would love to find out that there is someone ready to answer their questions just like that, at the moment. And if you are expert in your niche, it is not hard to convince them to buy from you. The fact, that you are writing to them makes them feel special. And why not. When someone comes to you in the store and ask you how can help you out, you feel great, right?

The negative side of this is that it takes time and resources. Some of your potential costumers will ask you 100 question, and you have no other option, but to answer them. And you should do it with a big smile. Remember, the more visitors you have talk with the more sales will come after words.

Even if you're not available right now, the Live Chat software allows the customers to send you a message without rooting e-maila. Try it out - IT WORKS!

Some interesting Live Chats: ...... there are probably hundreds out there.
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От: Live Chat - A Great Idea For Online Sellers

I think the Livechat is essential for every kind of website selling services or products.
If I have a question about something I am aways looking for a livechat and I am tired of
writing emails... I have a couple of hosting accounts with some different companies,
but only 1 has the livechat feature.

I don't like zopim, it is on almost every website (which is not actually a bad thing because the user is
relly used to it and its default colors, position, font etc. so when they see it they know exactly that it is a livechat
and know how to use it..)

Currently Im using the russian version). But I think I will try the paid subscription soon.
There are some cool features like seeing what the customer is typing before they hit the Enter, proactive chat invitations on
a page of your choice, seeing what is the current page of the user and so on...


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От: Live Chat - A Great Idea For Online Sellers

Also I like to mention to hire a virtual assistant to chat. It will be better for your business to focus on marketing than just to stay and chat with your potential clients.


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I use zopim too and I am also satisfied with the results.
Same here. I also use this chat. The benefits are many, but I think that the paid version has it all. :) Not a big surprise. :)